Barbarians come alive in the chaos of combat. They can enter a berserk state where rage takes over, giving them superhuman strength and resilience. A barbarian can draw on this reservoir of fury only a few times without resting, but those few rages are usually sufficient to defeat whatever threats arise.

The base Barbarian is found in the 5E Players Handbook, a pdf for the PHB can be found  here.

Customization for the Barbarian consists of choices for Primal Paths (all Barbarian options shown below):

• Path of the Ancestral Guardian (UA pg. 36)

• Bath of the  Battlerager (SCAG pg. 121)

• Path of the Berserker (PHB pg. 49)

• Path of the Storm Herald (UA pg. 37)

• Path of the Totem Warrior 

    • Bear (PHB pg. 50)

    • Eagle (PHB pg. 50)

    • Elk (SCAG pg. 122)

    • Tiger (SCAG pg. 122)

    • Wolf (PHB pg. 50)

• Path of the Zealot (UA pg. 37)



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