World Overview

For the entirety of recorded history Toril has been a world in the process of active expansion. Over thousands of years some entity has continually expanded the borders, literally imagining mountains and oceans, continents and empires into existence. 

The plans this Mind holds for its creation have forever been beyond the foresight of the mortal races; where and for how long the world might be expanded were unknown. This changed, just over 800 years ago. A practiced mage, Selene Demic, made a breakthrough in the Divining arts and was able to pinpoint the location and breadth of the next expansion. Preying upon the  greed of the aristocracy, extolling the wealth to be gained by immediate exploitation of unexplored territory, Demic secured funds and arms to establish a beachhead in the rapidly growing continent.

The new land was found to be rich in timber and and useful ores, with a large mountain range serving as a barrier against the drop off the edge of the world. The only inhabitants, Elves of an unknown but unsophisticated culture dwelt in the mountains. The province of Demica, named for its discoverer, was the site of untold cooperation between the nearest kingdoms across the sea. None of the five kingdoms, of what would become known as the Anteal, wanted to be left out of exploiting the new land and so all invested heavily in creating the groundwork for a robust and wealthy colony. More deliberate and planned than perhaps any city on the mainland Tal Demica was founded as the pinical of craftsmanship, wealth, and safety.

For 80 years Demica slowly grew, the barrier mountains beginning to give way into lowlands beyond, until for the first time in recorded history the magic driving the expansion of the world ceased.

The people of Demica and the Anteal collectively held their breaths, hoping the expansion would continue. But as months of stagnation turned into years the five kingdoms recognized their destitution. Having poured their treasuries into cultivating Demica the kingdoms were left bankrupt without a return on their investments. Bitterness and old rivalries sparked once more and soon the members of the Anteal were at war with one another. Because of the distance to Demica none of the kingdoms could marshal the forces necessary to claim the new land for their own without being defenseless at home. And so for 700 years the small land of Demica has existed and developed outside of the influence of exploitative powers. 

In the centuries that passed the knowledge to predict the expansions of the world has been lost. Therefore it was a surprise when four months ago, in the middle of the night, a thunderous earthquake shook Demica. Its people emerged from their homes, rescuing neighbors from minor damage, and pondered what calamity was befalling them. Crowds of people, huddled in town squares and open fields, collectively gasped as some time before dawn the sun illuminated an enormous new addition to the world where the night before had been nothingness.

World Overview

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