A small landmass literally at the edge of the world, Demica one held the hope of prosperity and riches for the five kingdoms of the Anteal. Following the cessation of the worlds expansion the Anteal succumbed to infighting leaving Demica to rule itself free from outside influence for centuries.

With the need for aggressive expansion ceasing with the withdrawal of the Anteal the 'civilized' portion of Demica extends roughly 100 miles inland from the southeastern coastline.

The deep planes are home to migratory tribes of Orcs, Half-Orcs, and Goliaths. Their isolation from conflict has dulled some of their more violent tendencies and the tribes routine competitions are more akin to wrestling or brawling than to blood feuds.

The mountains are home to reclusive Elves. Already inhabitants of Demica when Selene Demic's expedition arrived, it has been concluded that their civilization was formed with the creation of the landmass. Their forest and mountain domains are home to numerous ruins indicating that in their past (if you can say they had a past before they technically existed) they ruled a far more advanced society of monument builders.

The recent appearance of a land beyond Demica has been greeted with much excitement and apprehension. Initial rumors of The Land Beyond mention a vast desert of sandstone and abrasive winds stretching far beyond the reach of initial scouting parties. Despite the apparently hostile environment several small enclaves of have been observed from afar during cautious airship exploration. No official contact with a ruling body has been made with The Land Beyond but traders from the closest settlements are rumored to be beginning to make their way into Demica.


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